🔥What Kanye West taught me over the past decade 🔥

Kanye’s energy in it’s purest form (Credit Getty Images)

I was recently reflecting on my sources of inspiration over the past few years. They’re always changing, but one man has been on that list as long as I can remember: Kanye West. If you’re not a fan, I urge you to read on as you might be surprised by what I came up with.

My favorite Kanye quote by far:

“I already graduated, and you can live through anything if Magic made it!”

I cannot describe the euphoria I felt hearing him rap those words live at Key Arena last year, the same building I graduated from Seattle University!!!

He’s referencing Magic Johnson living with HIV since 1991 — the same year I was born. NO COINCIDENCE.

The night I got to see Kanye live for the first time: October 19, 2016. (Credit: my instagram)

From his music, interviews, and rants here’s a few things I’ve learned over the past decade:

  • Own who you are, even if everyone hates you for it
  • Speak your mind when you know it’s the right thing to say
  • Exaggerate when praising others, make it sound like they’ve done twice as much good
  • Work your ass off when an opportunity comes your way
  • Setbacks are a source of pride
  • Conquering pain is a source of pride
  • Life is dynamic, don’t let anyone box you into a certain way of being
  • Polarize. Be extreme when you need an extreme result
  • Connection to your own soul is more important than any material object
  • Join the greats (Jay-Z) and allow them to catapult you to your dreams
  • As human beings, we are insanely powerful… but we forget easily
  • Every day is a celebration of the blessings and journey we’ve been on
  • Think, walk, talk, and work with your own unique energy and swagger — build it into your personality, don’t forget where you came from.
  • If you love something, it’s okay to obsess about how much you love it (music, art, movies, food, fashion, etc)
  • Always aspire for greatness

Who inspires you? Leave a comment below, and 💚 this post so others can find it.

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