The following is a children’s short story I wrote in my 11th grade creative writing class in 2008. I recently shared it with a few friends and they loved it, which inspired me to share it with you. I’ve replaced the original clip art with animated gifs.

After reflecting on this metaphors of the story a bit, I realize my subconscious mind was trying to convey my existential crisis at the time. In a way, re-reading it now gave me a sense of peace. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a penguin named Pablo. Pablo was a very naughty penguin; he did not like listening to his mother.

One day, Pablo was playing by the edge of the iceberg, where he lived. His mom always told him not to play by the edge, but Pablo did not listen.

He slipped on the ice and went sliding over the edge. His mom screamed, “PABLO!” Pablo had fallen off the iceberg, but he kept falling; he thought he would land in the ocean, but he never did. He felt like he was falling for almost a whole day when, BAM! He hit the ground.

Pablo stood up, and looked around. He was in a desert, how did he get to the desert? He walked around for a long time.

After walking for such a long time in the hot sun, Pablo saw a rattlesnake resting under a rock. He knew rattlesnakes were very wise, maybe he can help me, Pablo thought.

“Hi rattlesnake, I am Pablo the penguin. I’m lost, can you help me get back home?” The snake replied,” Hi Pablo, my name is Ronaldo the Rattlesnake, I think I can get you back home, but it is a long way.” Pablo was delighted, “Oh thank you Ronaldo, when can we leave?” “As soon as it is night time, right now it’s too hot, we won’t be able to go very far if it’s
too hot. Come rest with me under the rock, then at night time, I can take you home.” Pablo was happy that he could rest now; he had been walking around in the hot sun all day.

Later that evening, when it was dark, Pablo and Ronaldo set off to find Pablo’s home. They walked for a very, very long time, until they arrived to a forest.

“This isn’t my home,” Pablo said. “Oh, I’m sorry maybe we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, come lets go find your home,” Ronaldo, said calmly.

Pablo was afraid, what if Ronaldo didn’t know how to get him back home? Pablo followed Ronaldo for long time; this road was hard to walk on. “Ouch! My feet hurt Ronaldo, are we there yet?” “ We’re almost there. Pablo, keep walking and you will be home soon.” Ronaldo said. The two walked and walked, until finally they saw a sign that said, Welcome to Winterville. Pablo was delighted, “Thank you so much Ronaldo, you are a very kind snake.” “You’re welcome, Pablo, you’re a very silly penguin, listen to you mother next time!” “Yes well, Pablo I need to get back to my home, now that I brought you to yours. Goodbye.”

Pablo watched the rattlesnake slither away back home. He turned around and saw his mom waiting for him. “Mom! I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, I’ll always listen from now on!” and Pablo hugged her as tight as he could. He couldn’t wait to tell her about his new friend, Ronaldo the Rattlesnake.

The End

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